World Championships23-27 October 2019 - Zhouzhuang (CHN)


As announced earlier, every registered participant of the World Championships 2019 (this means those who have paid the registration fee of 70 EUR, however max. 20 persons per nation and the nation must have taken care of all its duties towards WMF; i.e. payments, filing member survey, etcetera…) will receive max. 14 nights free accommodation including breakfast (buffet breakfast; the organizer is currently negotiating to organize also some western-style food for the breakfast). Registration is only possible via your National Federation.

This free accommodation offer is valid only for those participants who have registered and paid the registration fees within the deadline announced in the Championships Invitation.

The official player hotel is:

Zhouzhuang Shui Zhi Yun Hotel

Address: No.497 Daqiao Road Zhouzhuang Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu 215325, China


The hotel has over 200 standard rooms and players are placed mainly to double rooms and to some single rooms subject to availability. The room bookings are handled by WMF.

According to the organizer there are several restaurants and small shops or markets around the hotel. Also the distance to the ancient town is just 20-30 min by foot.

WMF will manage the accommodation bookings of the particpants and the room allocation.

Contact: Pasi Aho, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Please note that only participants registered and paid in time are entitled to free accommodation according to the special offer for this World Championships.

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